The 2022 TMA Annual

Keynote Speaker Duncan Wardle

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Get Ready for Innovation at IMPACT 2020 with Keynote Speaker Duncan Wardle "Innovation and Creativity in a Virtual World"
Thursday, October 1, 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. CDT

Duncan Wardle, former Head of Innovation & Creativity at Disney, he will present Innovation and Creativity in a Virtual World at this year's TMA Annual Experience.  Duncan is one of the world’s most highly regarded innovation speakers and consultants, He spent 25 years with Disney, most recently as Head of Innovation and Creativity. He’s the best in the biz, and he believes that creativity has no limits - no matter what field you’re in.

Every company and professional must innovate to succeed in 2020; no job looks the same way it did when the year started. We’re excited that YOU, as a #TMAIMPACT2020 attendee will have the opportunity to hear directly from Duncan on how to access your creative side in a way that’s easy, tangible and fun. The innovation toolkit Duncan Wardle has created is designed to take the theory out of innovation and put it into practice.

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