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The 2022 TMA Annual

Record a 35th Anniversary Message

This year at TMA, we are all part of something bigger. We are a bigger organization. We are part of a bigger and growing professional community whose members are loyal to TMA. And in our 35th year, we will celebrate luminaries of our industry as Hall of Fame inductees at the 2023 TMA Annual Conference.
In just a few short weeks, you'll have the opportunity to nominate someone for the TMA Hall of Fame. In the meantime, please help us kick off our 35th-anniversary celebration by recording an anniversary message by visiting: We will share these messages in TMA Weekly Report in the lead-up to the anniversary celebration at The Annual.
We are something bigger and better than we have ever been. We are TMA Strong and TMA Proud, and at an inflection point that secures the highest levels of importance to our members, value to our sponsors, and incomparable opportunities in the corporate restructuring, renewal, and corporate health space. #TMAProud