San Francisco Chocolate Immersion Workshop

San Francisco Chocolate Immersion Workshop

Wednesday, October 4 |1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Get ready to indulge in the delectable world of grown-up chocolate confections with Kokak Chocolates' Founder and Head Chocolatier, Carol Gancia! As a woman-owned artisanal chocolate shop, Carol takes pride in sharing her unconditional love for chocolates with the TMA community. Inspired by her Asian heritage, she brings to the table small-batch single-origin heirloom chocolates that are simply irresistible.

Carol will take you on a journey to the tropical pond life in Asia, where lush lilies, bamboo, plants, and animal life thrive. With her artisan mindset, she focuses on creating custom truffles, bars, pastries, and liquid chocolate beverages that are approachable, luscious, umami, and fun.

Kokak Chocolates, which opened in June 2020 in the Castro neighborhood of San Francisco, specializes in small-batch single-origin heirloom chocolates. The name "Kokak," meaning ribbit in the Filipino language, reflects Carol's deep Asian roots and passion for creating adventurous flavors with the rare cacao variety, “Naciónal." Try Kokak Chocolates today, and you're sure to experience a flavor explosion like never before!

Add-on ticket price: $55 advance / $65 onsite

Seating is limited, so do not wait to register!